Phil Sandusky     Contemporary Plein Air Impressionist Landscape Painter and Figure Painter
Offering affordable rates for private instruction (select "New Work" from "Paintings" pop-up for most recent work - updated Feb 23, 2014)
(Check painting demonstration added Dec 15, 2013) I am happy to announce the release of my new book, "New Orleans Impressionist Cityscapes." It's available in book stores and online for a very inexpensive suggested retail price of $29.95.

Katrina:  These are a few of the plein air paintings that I did of the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. While most of this body of work has been sold, all 45 of these paintings of destruction have been beautifully reproduced in my book "Painting Katrina" along with 30 plein air paintings that I did of New Orleans in the year before Katrina.  The text chronicles my very interesting experiences making these paintings. "Painting Katrina" is available in better book stores and online. Click on any of these paintings to enlarge and view this small sampling of the larger body of work as a slide show. The one painting in this group that is still available for purchase is indexed with the alpha numeric ID number PK69 that appears when you position the cursor over the painting.

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